The Social-Engineer Podcast

Join us as we reveal some of the secrets that are widely used in marketing.  From social engineering tactics, NLP secrets and manipulation strategies are now unmasked.  We join forces with NLP and SE Expert Brad Smith to discuss these hot topics. Download Standard Podcast [...]

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We discuss the aspect of framing from a very unique perspective.  Join us as we delve into the depths of framing and see how we use it in our daily lives and what we can learn from a Harvard Math Genius. Download Standard Podcast [...]

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Pretexting is one of the key components of social engineering.  When we decided to search out a professional radio host we never thought we would meet one as dynamic and intriguing as Tom Mischke.  Join us as Tom helps us to analyze a side of pretexting we rarely consider. Download Standard Podcast [...]

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This month we are interviewing ex-Law Enforcement agent Matt Churchill.  He has experience in interrogation and interview tactics. Download Standard Podcast [...]

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