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Today our guest joining us is Kevin Gowen. Kevin serves as Chief Information Security Officer for Synovus and is responsible for information and cyber security, physical security, business continuity, fraud, and financial crimes. He was named Chief Information Security Officer in 2015. Gowen earned Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Mechanical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology. He was a recipient of the James H. Blanchard Leadership award and was named Tech Exec Networks’ Information Security Executive of the Year in May 2022. Gowen is an alumnus of Leadership Columbus and serves as a board member of the National Technology Security Coalition along with serving on multiple advisory boards and in industry group leadership roles. [Oct 17th, 2022] 

00:00 – Intro 

00:56 – Intro Links: 

03:55 – Kevin Gowen Intro 

05:55 – What made you want to go into InfoSec? 

06:56 – Managing Risk with teams of 10,000+ 

08:24 – How do you stay in front of the next attack? 

10:15 – Top 3 Talking Points to assure the stakeholders 

11:27 – How do you educate the customer? 

13:04 – The "push" during Cybersecurity Awareness Month 

14:23 – That's not Amazon! 

15:55 – How are you attracting and retaining talent during this employee drought? 

20:23 – Poaching vs Developing 

22:46 – Communicating the need for diversity down the ladder 

24:25 – Cross-industry and Inter-department hiring 

26:24 – If I knew then... 

28:41 – Defining our "true" critical assets 

30:03 – Be willing to be evaluated 

32:32 – Who helped get you to where you are today? 

34:47 – Find Kevin Gowen online 

39:28 – Wrap Up  

40:13 – Outro