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Today we are joined by Alex “Skipguru” Price. Alex is a nationally recognized expert on the Art of Skip Tracing with over 35 years of experience in the skip-tracing, FinTech and Bail Bonds industries. He is a keynote speaker and author of the Skip-Tracers National Certification Program, Florida Public Records Guide, and the Military Installations Guide. Alex is a contributor for several industry magazines and post-pandemic, has become a popular content matter expert podcast guest.  Currently he is the Director of Training and Development for LocateSmarter.


He has become a highly sought-after speaker in the bail enforcement, private investigations and FinTech space. He combines old school skip-tracing methods with new age cyber-tracking technology to equip attendees with the tools that he gained through invaluable experience.  Alex balances the hard facts about skips with just the right amount of humor and a touch of southern charm. Special achievements would include being the first and only Tracer ever admitted as a member to the American Recovery Association (ARA) and Time Finance Adjusters (TFA).


His most important jobs are that of a father and husband, as well as his work with the ILF (Innocent Lives Foundation). He resides in Mobile, Alabama, with his wife and two children. [April 10, 2023]


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03:05 - Alex "Skipguru" Price Intro

05:15 - What is Skip Tracing?

07:30 - Reasons for a Skiptracer

07:56 - Skip to the 80's

09:39 - What's in a name?

13:40 - 3 Types of Skips

17:46 - The Prevalence of Fraud

19:17 - The Magic Three

23:31 - Post-Covid Issues

26:31 - War Stories

31:06 - Send me a Postcard

34:48 - Cocaine Cowboys

36:42 - Who would you consider your greatest mentors?

40:30 - Book Recommendations

-          How to Tell If Someone Is Lying - Gavin Stone

-          Doc: A Novel - Mary Doria Russell

-          Churchill: Walking with Destiny - Andrew Roberts

44:26 - Find Alex online

-          LinkedIn: in/alex-skipguru-price-012b2a27/

-          Facebook: groups/skipgurusTribe

-          Website:

46:05 - Guest Wrap Up & Outro