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Today we are joined by Dr. David Rawaf. Dr. Rawaf is a surgeon, researcher, technologist, innovator and policy developer. As well as studying and working in both UK and US, David is involved with Imperial College WHO Collaborating Centre (for Public Health Education & Training), as well as medical writing, research and hosting conferences. David has a role as Surgical Skill Faculty and is Centre Accredited by the Royal College of Surgeons. In addition, he is an abstract and content reviewer for a number of institutions including the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation amongst a number of other scientific societies. In addition, David is the Clinical Excellence Lead for Inovus Medical, the world-leaders in high-fidelity medical and surgical simulation, and beyond this is also heavily involved in medical device & software consulting, including validation, accreditation and approval through bodies such as the FDA. David is a Co-Executive Director for the International Organization for Reconstruction for war torn-countries, and a Director for QCapital Ventures specializing in tailored start-up advice including investment acquisition, financial & business-strategy and scale up methods. [June 12, 2023]


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03:18 - Dr. David Rawaf Intro

05:01 - From Studies to Startups

07:22 - Practice Makes Perfect

09:16 - How do you "simulate" surgery?

11:48 - Simulation Benefits

14:47 - Redefining Fidelity

19:16 - Augmented Over Virtual

20:30 - Minority Report

23:08 - Google Glass 2.0

25:48 - Depressing Desire

29:39 - Stop Thinking!

35:33 - The Value of Support

41:17 – Mentors

-          Professor Adrian Wilson

-          Professor Fares Haddad

-          Father

-          Late Uncle

46:33 - Book Recommendations

-          The Genius Zone - Gay Hendricks

-          The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership - Jim Dethmer, Kaley Klemp & Diana Chapman

50:02 - Find Dr. Rawaf online

-          LinkedIn:

-          Twitter:

-          David’s Paper: Effect of Suppressing Thoughts of Desire to Smoke on Ratings of Desire to Smoke and Tobacco Withdrawal Symptoms

50:51 - Guest Wrap Up & Outro