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Today on the Social-Engineer Podcast: The Security Awareness Series, Ryan and I are joined by Evan Blair. He is the General Manager for Searchlight Cyber, which brings industry leading dark web intelligence & security capabilities to the commercial and government sectors. Mr. Blair, a seasoned international cyber security executive, previously held the role of Chief Revenue Officer at the secure communications & data management firm HighSide, co-founded, led and exited the cyber security & threat intelligence firm ZeroFox and ran Accuvant’s global partner solutions division. He has been a fixture on Capitol Hill, working to advance legislation and funding for Active Duty military and Veterans cyber protection as well as advanced fraud and cyber protections for the American taxpayer. Blending his cybersecurity expertise with a background in international economics, Mr. Blair helps businesses develop and launch value based cyber initiatives addressing both the concerns of the CISO and the CFO. [Sept 18, 2023]


00:00 - Intro

00:18 - Ryan Intro

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04:39 - Evan Blair Intro

06:08 - An Opportunity That Couldn't Be Passed On

13:21 - The Dark Web: Why You Should Care

22:35 - Telegraphing the Attack

36:49 - Data for Defense

43:03 - Correlation of Actions

46:57 - Find Evan Blair Online

-          LinkedIn:

-          Twitter:

-          Website:

-          Guide Book: The Practitioner’s Guide To The Dark Web

48:34 - Mentors

-          John Abraham

-          James Foster

54:02 - Wrap Up & Outro