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Today on the Social-Engineer Podcast: The Security Awareness Series, Ryan and I are joined by Stuart Archer. Stuart is a dynamic health care leader with a proven track record of quality improvement, growth and innovation. He began his health care career at the bedside as a nurse’s aide, building within him a laser-like focus on a patient-first care model and building teams guided by empathy and compassion. He took the helm at Oceans Healthcare in 2015 and has since shepherded in a period of unprecedented improvement and growth.


Oceans is now an industry leader, among very few behavioral health providers to implement much-needed quality benchmarking tools like patient depression and anxiety questionnaires and implementing a companywide electronic medical records system.


Oceans has earned numerous awards, including being named one of the Inc. 5000’s fastest-growing companies in America for six consecutive years.


Mr. Archer is an at-large board member of the National Association of Behavioral Healthcare, was named the 2021 D CEO Magazine Outstanding Healthcare Executive and earned the 2018 EY’s Entrepreneur of the Year in Healthcare award for the Southwest region. [Nov 20, 2023]


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04:00 - Stuart Archer Intro

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06:12 - The Path to Empathy

09:29 - Building a Better Team

13:06 - Corporate Level Introspection

15:15 - Prepare for the Hurricane

18:12 - It Can't Happen To Me

19:38 - Know Your Audience

23:58 - Gone Phishin'

26:18 - Ideal Behavior

31:33 - Advice for an Empathetic Culture

34:09 - Book Recommendations

-          And There Was Light - Jon Meacham

-          Raven Rock - Garrett Graff

35:46 – Mentors

-          Mother

37:07 - Wrap Up & Outro