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Today we are joined by Agent Brad Beeler. Assistant to the Special Agent in Charge Brad Beeler has been with the United States Secret Service for the past 25 years. He currently serves as instructor and Secret Service liaison at the National Center for Credibility Assessment (NCCA) at Fort Jackson, South Carolina. Over the past 8 years in this role, he has trained agents throughout the federal law enforcement and intelligence community in credibility assessment and elicitation techniques.


Prior to arriving at NCCA, he was a polygraph examiner in the Chicago and St. Louis Field Offices and served on the permanent protection detail of former President George HW Bush and numerous foreign heads of state. Over the past 17 years as a federal polygraph examiner Special Agent Beeler has secured hundreds of confessions on high-profile investigations, often leading to the identification of previously unknown victims of serial offenders of both child exploitation and homicide investigations. Agent Beeler holds a master’s degree in criminology and was previously selected as the U.S. Secret Service - Special Agent of the Year for his involvement in combating crimes against children.


Widely considered a communications expert in the U.S. federal law enforcement community, Agent Beeler has provided countless domestic and international presentations to law enforcement and intelligence agencies seeking to enhance their interviewing programs. [March 11, 2024]


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03:05 - Agent Brad Beeler Intro

05:05 - Part of a Team

07:58 - One of Lincoln's Final Acts

08:52 - Dual Mission

11:45 - The Broadband Effect

14:38 - Team Effort

17:35 - Worst of the Worst

21:13 - Common Ground

23:36 - Letting Them Be Heard

25:51 - Lyrics, Songs and Dance

28:49 - Mental Health Mandates

35:11 - Mentors

-          Mrs. Bertran - Teacher

-          Brian Leary - DHS Program Manager

37:21 - Book Recommendations

-          The Interrogator - Hanns Scharff

-          Spy the Lie - Philip Houston

-          Captivate & Cues - Vanessa Van Edwards

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-          Website:

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