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Chani Simms – Think Cyber Security for Government In this episode Chris Hadnagy and Chani Simms reveal the secrets to becoming a better communicator and breaking into the InfoSec industry. They discuss the challenges women often face and how they can be overcome. They also go over the ways a newcomer can contribute to a more experienced team. 

00:05 – Introduction to Chani Simms and Her Experience as a Woman in the InfoSec Industry 

01:09 – Chani's TEDx Talk: “Stop chasing the magic security box” 

01:19 – How Chani Got into the Infosec Industry and Started Her Own Pentesting Company 

04:53 – Chani's Experience with Hacking, Forensics, Auditing, Risk Management, Consulting and as a Virtual CISO for Multiple Companies 

08:08 – The Prevalence of Women in the Sri Lankan Tech Industry 

10:47 - Chani Simms has been recognized as one of the "Top 50 Most Influential Women In Cybersecurity 2019" by SC Media UK 

11:25 Chani's Reason for Starting SHe CISO  

13:13 – Chani Shares her Experience with Receiving the Awards 

17:14 Chani Gives Advice to People Looking to Become Successful in this Industry 

20:10 – How to Deal with Feelings of Inadequacy in Order to Add Value to a Team 

23:15 – Upcoming Virtual Trainings and Human Hacking Conference Signups 

1-4 August, 2020 – Advanced Practical Social Engineering – Virtual Training 

11-13 March, 2021 – The Human Hacking Conference 

The Innocent Lives Foundation 


 25:10 – How a Newcomer to a Field can Still Add Value to a Team 

29:33 – How to Work with Unkind People in the Workplace 

31:09 – How to Accept Valid Criticism and Become a Better Communicator by Suspending Your Ego 

37:03 – Chani's Contact Info and More Info About SHe CISO 



SHe CISO Website 

SHe CISO Bootcamp 

41:09 – Chani's Book Recommendations 

Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus: The Classic Guide to Understanding the Opposite Sex 

The Definitive Book of Body Language: The Hidden Meaning Behind People's Gestures and Expressions 

45:04 – Conclusion and Outro 

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