The Social-Engineer Podcast

This month we are joined by Dr. Camille Preston, who is the CEO and founder of AIM Leadership. Since founding AIM Leadership in 2004, she has worked with leaders across sectors and the capital stack. As a business psychologist, Camille brings research and insights from psychology, neuroscience, and business to her work. Whether supporting Fortune 500 leaders, startup founders, or C-suite executives in healthcare, Camille's sweet spot is helping uncover hidden barriers to increase the capacity to optimize, innovate, and manage change.   

In addition to working as a coach and business psychologist, Camille is author of two books, a regular contributor to several established publications in the business and psychology fields, and the author of a growing library of actionable resource tools.  

A life-long challenge seeker, Camille has lived on four continents, worked on six, and traveled extensively. [March 14, 2022] 


00:00 – Intro 

01:25 Dr. Camille Preston Intro 

02:43 How did you get into this? 

05:02 The Journey to Awareness & Mindfulness 

06:39 Building Mindfulness 

08:32 Horizontal VS Vertical Development 

10:00 Gateways of Vertical Development 

11:41 Owning Mistakes 

14:02 Planning For Problem Solving  

15:12 Building Trust 

16:21 Authentic Connections in a Virtual World 

19:24 Mental Health Pandemic 

21:25 The Importance of Great Leadership 

22:41 Integrating Head and Heart 

23:53 What makes someone “all heart”? 

26:51 The Importance of Leaving Your Country 

29:45 – Who are your greatest mentors? 

33:36 – Book Recommendations: 

35:21 – Guest Wrap Up 

35:37 – Outro