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Today we are joined by Dr. Cortney S. Warren, a board-certified clinical psychologist and former tenured associate professor of psychology at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Dr. Warren is an expert on addictions, self-deception, eating pathology, and the practice of psychotherapy from a cross-cultural perspective. With almost 50 peer reviewed journal articles, 7 book chapters, two books, and 75 professional presentations, Dr. Warren’s work appears in some of the field's top journals. She has won some of the most prestigious awards in her field.

In addition to publishing in scientific, peer-reviewed journals, Dr. Warren is passionate about bringing psychological research to the general public. She works as a research consultant, keynote speaker, and writes a blog for Psychology Today. This month, she published a self-help book on love addiction and breakups called Letting Go of Your Ex. [Feb 13, 2023]

00:00 – Intro

00:22 – Intro Links

04:01 - Dr. Cortney Warren Intro

05:51 - A Personal and Professional Merging of Experiences

07:41 - Freedom in the Hard Truth

09:43 - The Path from Honest Liars

11:54 - Core Struggle: Addictive Behaviors

15:09 - The War Inside Your Head

16:48 - Hold Up a Mirror

18:18 - The Role of Self Deception (In Love)

22:08 - Addicted to Love

24:40 - When the Honeymoon is Over

28:37 - Guided by Values

31:42 - The Importance of Alignment

34:10 - Leading By Example

36:06 - A Call for Compassion

38:49 - Find Dr. Cortney Warren online

40:09 - Who do you consider your greatest mentors?

41:10 - My Grandmother: A Lesson in Resilience

44:09 - Book Recommendations

46:08 - Guest Wrap Up                                

46:48 – Outro