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Today we are joined by Dr. Jade Thomas, a Registered Psychologist in London, UK. By the age of 24, Dr. Jade became a university lecturer in Psychology and Mental Health and by the age of 25 she opened her own private psychological therapy practice, becoming the Clinical Director and Founder of Luxe Psychology Practice.


Luxe Psychology Practice strives to modernize mental health services by offering every client with high quality, ethical, bespoke mental health care. Putting the client’s experience first, ensuring all clients receive 5-star mental health care and a mental health treatment experience they can be proud of. Dr. Jade has experience working in both the NHS and the private sector in the UK, providing a wide range of client groups with high-quality therapeutic mental health care for a number of mental health issues, including trauma, relationships, depression, anxiety, and borderline personality disorder.


Lastly, Dr. Jade is a published researcher in psychology and often provides media expert commentary to national and international press on issues pertaining to mental health, psychology, and celebrity behavior. [May 13, 2024]


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02:36 - Dr. Jade Thomas Intro

03:55 - Slow Road to Trauma

08:38 - Bespoke Therapy

11:47 - Finding the Right Fit

14:10 - Turning Tides

17:46 - Judgement-Free Zone

23:45 - Meta-communication

25:31 - Valuing Assertiveness

27:50 - The ABC Method

32:37 - Find Dr. Jade Thomas online

-          Website:

-          Instagram: @luxepsychologypractice

33:03 - Book Recommendations

-          Atomic Habits - James Clear

-          Games People Play - Eric Berne

36:21 - Mentors

-          Parents

37:57 - Guest Wrap Up & Outro