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*Please note that this episode contains discussions regarding abuse that some may find disturbing.


Welcome to the Social-Engineer Podcast: The SE Etc. Series. This series will be hosted by Chris Hadnagy, CEO of Social-Engineer LLC, and The Innocent Lives Foundation, as well as Social-Engineer.Org and The Institute for Social Engineering. Join Chris as he discusses topics and news pertaining to the world of Social Engineering.


Today, Chris is joined by Nadja El Fertasi. Nadja is a leading figure in fostering emotional resilience within the digital age. Her comprehensive expertise spans crisis management, strategic stakeholder communication, and emotional intelligence, creating a unified approach to enhance the human side of digital advancements.


Having spent nearly two decades at NATO, including a significant role in the NATO Communications and Information Agency focusing on Digital Transformation & Cybersecurity, Nadja has been a pivotal figure in strategic engagement and communications. This role highlighted her commitment to navigating and leading through the complexities of cybersecurity and digital transformation. With over 15 years dedicated to cybersecurity at NATO, Nadja has emerged as a respected expert in her field. Her contribution to the cybersecurity community was acknowledged in "Hacking Gender Barriers: Europe’s Top Cyberwomen," by the Women4Cyber foundation, which recognized her as one of Europe's influential figures in cybersecurity.


Today, Nadja is the voice behind the EQ Elevator Podcast, where she assists businesses in cultivating leadership that's resilient and equipped for the digital age's challenges. Her work is dedicated to shaping a safer, more emotionally intelligent digital landscape, where individuals and organizations can thrive amidst technological disruptions. [May 27, 2024]


00:00 - Intro

00:19 - 2024 State of Vishing Report

01:01 - Intro Links

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-          Managed Voice Phishing -

-          Managed Email Phishing -

-          Adversarial Simulations -

-          Social-Engineer channel on SLACK -

-          CLUTCH -

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03:11 - Nadja El Fertasi Intro

05:02 - The Importance of Sharing

07:14 - Romance Scam: Nadja's Story

13:51 - The Other Side

15:59 - The Red Flags

19:13 - A Gift and a Curse

23:22 - Taking Responsibility

25:24 - Love, Not Romance

27:05 - Navigating the Apps

32:28 - Reality Check

37:27 - Being Human

39:39 - Learning From "No"

41:28 - Where to Report

42:25 - Wrap Up

43:58 - Find Nadja El Fertasi Online

-          LinkedIn: in/nadja-elfertasi

-          Instagram: @nadjafertasi

45:17 - Outro




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