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What can you do if a loved one was kidnapped and the government couldn’t help? The Halo Corp is a group of ex-Military commando’s that specialize in rescuing and recovering of people in very dangerous circumstances. We invited Brad Barker, the CEO of The Halo Corp onto the podcast to discuss how they use Social Engineering. Release Date December 12 2011 Download Standard Podcasts [...]

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Physical Social Engineering is a very interesting topic. Although it is the easiest method into a company it is also the hardest type of pentest to sell to clients. We discuss this topic with two experienced and professional physical social engineers, Sharon Conheady and Munya Kanaventi. Release Date November 14 2011

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NLP is a subject of much debate in the security world as well in the science community. This podcast we delve deep into the top… dissecting what NLP is, how it is used in daily life, in the medical field, for therapy and of course, how it can be used by social engineers.

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Probably no other name is thought of more when people talk about social engineering than Kevin Mitnick. Kevin’s new book, “Ghost in the Wires” is now on the New York Times Best Seller list and there is a lot of comments, debates and opinions about Kevin floating around. The Social-Engineer.Org crew asks the questions that the rest of the world is afraid.

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Our live podcast from Defcon 19 Download Standard Podcasts [...]

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Our guests this month are people you all know and love… but this time we talk to Muts, Jim, Dookie… oh and Dave (and a special GUEST) about the release of their book, Metasploit: A Penetration Testers Guide in this first interview with the crew about their book. Release Date July 11 2011

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Our guest Dan Airely is a behavioral economist. He is a renowned author and speaker on the topics of Predictable Irrationality.

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Our guest Aaron Delwiche is a TED speaker and a college professor that focuses on the use of propaganda. His site is devoted to understanding how it works. Release Date May 19 2011

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Our favorite linux distribution is about to release its new version - BackTrack5. How better to announce the release than by a big ol’ podcast complete with Infected Mushroom and almost the whole dev crew - Release Date May 05 2011

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There are a lot of skills that a social engineer needs to be successful. With all the important skills out there, one of the most is building rapport.  We invited back one of our favorite guests, Robin Dreeke, to talk about how he builds rapport in 5 minutes or less. Release Date April 11 2011

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Reporters have an amazing knack of getting information from people.  That alone interests us, but then you mix in their ability to take that info and make it interesting, make it captivating and make it real - that is an art.  We talk to a, in our opinion, superb reporter that works with CNET news as well as CBS Interactive, Elinor Mills.  She helps us to uncover the secrets to this art and see what we can learn. Release Date March 07 2011

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Getting people to put their heart into their work can be achieved through many motivations.  If you have a job your employer does this through fair compensation and benefits. But how does one motivate volunteers when there is no money involved?  Not only that but keep them motivated day after day and year after year?  Join us as we  discuss this topic and a very special announcement with Johny Long, DualCore and the crew live at Shmoo 2011.

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There has been a lot of buzz about the new book, Social Engineering: The Art of Human Hacking.  Along with the “buzz” is some very positive reviews and feedback.  The team at Social-Engineer.Org decided to gather a selection from the community as well as the SEORG team and interview the author, their very own Chris Hadnagy. Release Date Jan 10 2011

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