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 Vyvyan Evans | Professor of LinguisticsIn this episode, Chris Hadnagy and Dr. Vyv Evans discuss the widespread use of emoji and how it can help fill the gap between text and face-to-face communication. Emoji has the ability to add tone and expressions to text that it would otherwise be lacking. In in a single picture, they can express complex ideas that would otherwise require many words to convey.  

00:10 - Introduction to Dr. Vyv Evans and his Work on Emoji 
01:37 - Brooklyn Teen Was Arrested for Threats Made with Emoji 
03:52 - The 2 Main Functions of Language  
06:12 - In Real World Scenarios, Communication Utilizes Multiple Channels 
07:55 - Tone of Voice Can Change the Meaning of Our Words 
09:05 - Gestures Can Change the Meaning of Our Words 
10:59 - Emblems are nonverbal signals that can be translated directly into words. 
12:50 - The Meaning of Emoji Can be Affected by Group or Cultural Factors 
15:45 - The Rebus Principle is Used to Represent Abstract Words with Pictograms, Like Emoji 
18:16 - Upcoming Virtual Trainings and Human Hacking Conference Signups.  

19:58 - The Differences Between the Emoji System and Language 
22:46 - Emoji Helps Text Catch Up with the Tone and Kinesics Found in Spoken Face-to-Face Interaction 
23:20 - Survey Done by Corelates the Use of Emoji to Increased Sexual Activity 
24:38 - Emoji Makes Us More Effective Communicators in the Digital Space 
26:09 - The Angry Jerk Phenomenon and How Emoji Can Help 
27:35 - Why Visuals are Important to Communication 
29:23 - The 😂 (Tears of Joy) Emoji Was Oxford Dictionary’s “Word of the Year” in 2015
31:05 - How Text Can Accidentally Convey the Wrong Tone 
32:10 - Emoji Can Complement the Meaning of a Word  
33:32 - Nonverbals are a Vital Component to Communication 
35:47 - Discussing Whether a Decrease in Vocabulary May Have Contributed to the Creation of Nonverbal Communication and Emoji 

41:26 - Vyv’s Contact Info 

42:23 Vyv’s Books 
The Emoji Code: The Linguistics Behind Smiley Faces and Scaredy Cats
42:44 Vyv’s Book Recommendations 
Because Internet: Understanding the New Rules of Language 

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