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In this episode, Chris Hadnagy and Ryan MacDougall are joined by industry professionalJulie Rinehart. Julie has spent the last 10 years building and enhancing Fortune 500 enterprise Security Awareness programs. Listen as they discuss using empathy to improve security awareness and the flaws in the “stupid user” philosophy. 


00:10 – Intro 

01:56 – Introduction to Julie Rinehart 

02:28 – How Julie got into the industry 

06:21 – Dismantling the “stupid user” philosophy 

07:53 – How to interview your employer 

10:34 – The biggest milestones in Julie’s career 

14:31 – How you can encourage users to report the phish they clicked on 

19:22– What we can learn from “people who try to do the right thing and then mess up” 

25:25 – The benefits of making security personal 

28:34 – Julie's biggest challenges in the industry 

30:28 – Increase security awareness using gamification 

35:13 – Julie's mentors and most respected colleagues 

38:54 - Julie’s podcast recommendations 

43:52 – Outro 



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In this episode, Chris Hadnagy and Maxie Reynolds are joined by writer, speaker, business owner, and hype artist, Michael F. Schein. Michael shares the social engineering tactics he was able to learn from cult leaders and mischief makersFind out how these often-manipulative tactics can be used for good.  - Feb 8, 2021

00:09 – Introduction 

01:44 – Introduction to Michael F. Schein 

02:30 – How Michael figured out that we can learn from cult leaders and mischief makers 

10:38 - Influence through disruption 

11:44 – Make war not love 

13:21 – Basecamp: Simplicity by hating complexity 

16:21 – Building hype requires confidence 

18:15 – Focus on what you want to be known for 

26:06 – Create a secret society 

30:27 – How Michael socially engineered himself onto the podcast 

35:34 – The positive side of hype 

37:43 – Chris, Maxie and Michael's favorite music 

43:03 – Michael's most respected colleagueMichael Roderick 

44:21 – Michael's book recommendations: 


47:10 – Michael's contact info 


48:39 – Outro