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Image result for lucky yatesLucky Yates is an actor and writer, known for Archer (2009), The American Shame (2001) and American Dirtbags (2015).

Lucky is a hilarious guest that entertained us and we got to discuss some really interesting topics:

  • What is a war ape and a sky robot?
  • How do you act when you can't see your co-actors?
  • Are nonverbals still important?
  • Is Dave a Jerk?
  • How does Lucky feel about Bruce Hornsby?
  • So much more....

Come and laugh with us on this very special podcast - Our 100th episode!

Lucky invites you to follow him on Instagram:

And also to read a pretty disturbing book called "The Butchering Art - Lindsey Fitzharris"

Check out our websites: for all Corporate Social Engineering needs for information a nonprofit designed to help unmask child predators.

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