The Social-Engineer Podcast

This month, Chris Hadnagy and Ryan MacDougall are joined by Nishant Bhajaria. Nishant is an executive leader and industry-expert in the privacy and security space and currently serves as the Director of Privacy Engineering and Governance at Uber. 

He plays the critical role connecting engineering, legal, and leadership to ensure data protection for both the user and the business. Prior to Uber, Nishant spearheaded compliance and privacy engineering programs at Google, Netflix and Nike. He has a Master’s Degree in computer science from Arizona State University 

In addition to speaking extensively in this space, Nishant also teaches courses around privacy, security and career development on LinkedIn Learning. Nishant authored Data Privacy: A Runbook for Engineers - a deep dive into strategies on effectively identifying, communicating and addressing privacy risks using technical strategies. [Aug 15, 2022] 

00:00 – Intro 

00:20 – Intro Links 

02:17 – Nishant Bhajaria Intro 

03:33 – How did your career path start? 

05:44 – Balancing security and the end-user experience 

09:29 – How to introduce security and privacy concepts into a pre-existing infrastructure 

13:50 – Balancing technological freedom with security for your family 

19:28 – Bridging divisions for the sake of privacy and security 

22:09 – Creating better industry standards 

26:28 – How to handle your platform becoming weaponized 

30:53 – The ethical issue of data use 

35:11 – The role of Social Engineering in privacy and security 

39:14 – 3 action steps that companies should start doing right now 

42:56 – Find Nishant online 

44:24 – Book Recommendations 

47:13 – Wrap Up  

47:41 – Outro 

Today Chris is talking with Hala Taha. Hala, who has been dubbed the “The Podcast Princess,” is the host of Young and Profiting (YAP) Podcast, which is frequently ranked as a #1 Education podcast across all apps. Hala is also the founder and CEO of YAP Media, a social media and podcast marketing agency for top podcasters, celebrities and CEOs. She is well-known for her engaged following and influence on LinkedIn, and she landed the January 2021 cover of Podcast Magazine. 


Hala is an expert on networking, personal branding, leadership, social media, side hustles, entrepreneurship and podcasting. [Aug 8th, 2022] 


00:00 – Intro  

02:05 – Hala Taha Intro 

03:14 – How did you end up running a media company? 

05:43 – The journey towards starting YAP Media 

07:01 – The early days of podcasting 

09:22 – Resources for podcasting (2018 vs 2022) 

10:38 – How did you transform a podcast into a media company? 

16:20 – Taking Risks vs Being Smart 

18:29 – The importance of pure intentions 

20:44 – The secrets to finding like-minded team members 

21:56 – What have been your biggest struggles while growing your company? 

22:52 – Quality time with a remote team 

24:51 – Maintaining the work-culture across time zones 

26:35 – Tips for starting out 

30:25 – Building the right foundation 

32:27 – Find Hala online 

33:15 – Who have been your mentors? 

35:21 – Book Recommendations: 

36:17 – Guest Wrap Up 

36:28 – Outro