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Lisa Forte on Twitter: "Director: okay great Lisa but next time make a slightly prettier face at the camera Me: ** takes direction poorly… " In this episode, Chris Hadnagy and Maxie Reynolds are joined by social engineering and insider threats expert: Lisa Forte. Learn how Lisa went from fighting terrorists and real-life sea pirates to being an expert on cybercrime and social engineering. Discover how scammers are taking advantage of global uncertainty and understand how to protect yourself from attack.   

00:00 – Introduction to Lisa Forte 

02:38 – Lisa's path to a career in social engineering 

05:27 – The psychology that terrorists use to recruit teenagers 

07:52 – Lisa's experience with fighting cyber crime 

08:43 – Why Lisa named her cyber security company Red Goat 

10:23 – The world pandemic made hospitals and their supply chains vulnerable to attack 

14:38 – Keep secure by realizing the value of the information you possess  

15:41 - How Cyber Volunteers 19 is helping to save lives by making hospitals secure. (twitter) 

21:25 – Ego suspension is a required skill for a good social engineer 

25:47 – Find someone who gives you honest feedback 

27:28 – How Chris deals with harsh criticism 

30:27 New documentary: “hacker:HUNTER Ha(ck)cine (Part 1) (Part 2) 

34:44 – Lisa's Vlog: “Rebooting 

35:44 – Lisa's and Chris’s experience with exposure therapy.  

40:00 – How scammers take advantage of global uncertainty 

42:37 – Law enforcement has a big disadvantage when fighting cyber crime 

45:42: Lisa’s Contact info: 



Rebooting vlog with Chris 


46:56 – Lisa's Book recommendation 

Prisoners Of Geography 

50:20 – Outro   

The Human Hacking Conference 

The Innocent Lives Foundation   

Human Hacking Book 

Phishing As A Service® 

Practical Open Source Intelligence For Everyday Social Engineers 

Advanced Practical Social Engineering Training 

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