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Jonathan Miller In this episode, Chris Hadnagy, Shelby Dacko and Jonathan Miller discuss many ways to improve your skills as a communicator. Learn the importance of observing the information your own body gives you. Hear their experiences with being amygdala hijacked, and how you can have your own superhero moment 

00:07 – Introduction to Shelby Dacko, Human Risk Analyst for Social-Engineer. 

00:44 – Introduction to Jonathan Miller and his experience resolving conflict without violence.  

02:06 – How to focus on nonviolent communication in violent circumstances 

04:18 – How to engage in productive conversation by respecting other’s opinions.  

06:24 – Become a better communicator by paying attention to introspective sensations. 

10:33 – How a 1984 GMC Vandura and a potato helped Jonathan become a communications expert. 

14:48 Why most people pay no attention to the way they communicate. 

18:58 – Announcements: 

Human Hacking: Win Friends, Influence People, and Leave Them Better Off for Having Met You 

Virtual Advanced Practical Social Engineering - 17-20 November, 2020 

The Human Hacking Conference - Orlando, FL March 11-13, 2021 

HHC SE Pentest Track – Day 2 – Vishing (Curt) 

Advanced Practical Social Engineering – Orlando 13-16 April, 2021 

Masters Level Social Engineering – Orlando, Fl 10-14 May, 2021 

Advanced Practical Social Engineering – Bristol, UK 15-18 June, 2021 

23:35 – How to become self-aware of the way you communicate.  

25:08 – How to Deal with Defensiveness and Defensive People in Conversations 

26:09 – How an amygdala hijack can trigger a defensive response and how you can work to fight it. 

42:56 – Defensiveness creates more defensiveness. 

44:29 – Jonathan's contact info, podcast and social media links. 

Press Kit: 
Mindful Communication Podcast: 
Tough Talks Made Easy: 
Code: social50 

Article: How to Deal with Defensiveness and Defensive People in Conversations 

46:39: Jonathan’s book recommendations. 

Difficult Conversations: How to Discuss What Matters Most 

Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life 

Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind 

48:01 Outro 

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