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Ep. 048 - The First Woman Winner of the SECTF - DEF CON 21

The Social-Engineer Capture the Flag has been a staple of DEF CON for 5 years. For 5 years we have looked for a woman to challenge the men.  We have found her - enter Lilly.  She came down upon the SECTF with a vengance and not only won, but won by over 200+ points.

We have a lively and real life talk with the winner to see how she did it.

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Being a stand up comic is a hard job, and full of Social Engineering Goodness. Being a magician in Vegas is just as hard. What if you were both? Our guest Mac King is just that combination, join us for a delightful, blood filled conversation. July 8 2013

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Back in the late 1960’s one teacher dared to stand up and teach children a powerful lesson in prejudice. That lesson has implications for us today. Join us as we interview world renowned teacher, Jane Elliot. June 10 2013

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Negotiation skills - how closely do they mirror Social Engineering? Join us and our guest, Jenny “The Radcliffe” Radcliffe as we discuss these topics

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Trust. It is the foundation that every relationship must have to succeed. Our guest Dr. Paul Zak spent many years studying trust. Join us as he answers questions like: What is trust? What chemical creates trust? How can you make someone ooze with that chemical? Do synthetic trust products work? Does Dave’s creepy hugging actually have any hint of truth?

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We don’t do it often… but when a topic so fitting comes up we just get together and chat about it. Yesterday a well known author wrote an article that stated basically “security gets in the way of having fun on the Internet”. This topic is close to us as we all focus on education and security. Enjoy the chat… March 20, 2013

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Join us with Seena Sharp of Sharp Marketing as she helps us understand if it possible to social engineer with out the use of pretexting. She is the author of the book “Competitive Intelligence Advantage” She answers questions like: What type of information is the most important? How to collect valuable data? What are the best sources? And much much more!

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Imagine having the power to not only social engineer anyone into giving over information with out hesitation but actually being happy for having done it? Our long time friend and podcast guest, Robin Dreeke talks about context framing and how we use it to leave our targets saying, “Thank you sir, may I have another?” Date Feb 18, 2013

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Framing is one topic that can make or break the success of a social engineer. What if you could harness the power to reframe yourself to become anything despite any obstacle? Christine Ha is this months guest and she is truly a success story, an inspiration and a star example of re-framing. Date Jan 14, 2013

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As social engineers we don’t often have to deal with the negative aspects of psychology, but this month we do. Retired FBI Profiler and international trainer and speaker, Mary Ellen O’Toole joins us to discuss identifying psychopaths and much much more.

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Our guest this week is notorious forensics guru from the UK, Nick Furneaux. Nick discusses with us the magic of API manipulation. He gave us some free “posh” tips for making websites dump the data we want as social engineers. Try these things below: Download and install the Firefox addon - JSONView Try:- The last one will find all tweets within 2 miles of the GPS coors (central london) that contains the words London Riot. Replace as desired!,%20-0.12768,2ml&include_entities=true&result_type=mixed This type of data mining can lead to searchable and impressive results for any social engineer. Follow Nick on his twitter account, NickFX Till next month

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DerbyCon V2.0 was an epic con. The team was all present to share if a few firsts - and our first live podcast from DerbyCon… Check it out Date Oct 15, 2012

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Media Manipulation. What Is it? How does it work? Can you really make people see, buy and read things? Ryan is an experienced and talented media manipulator.

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3 years - wow. A truly humbling journey its been. 3 years we have spent researching, dissecting and analyzing all manner of human influence. With the most successful SECTF to date, we celebrate our 36th in style - AT DEFCON 20. The panel has changed (we miss you Jim), the topics have gotten deeper and the quality has gotten better. What did this year include? How did the SECTF go? Well, find out as you join us for our 3 year anniversary LIVE!

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The art of obtaining information without ever asking a question, known as elicitation, is a skill that can make you a master social engineer. Join us as we talk with author and expert on this topic, John Nolan. Date June 11, 2012

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Can the polygraph be beaten? How can a social engineer utilize non-verbal communication to become an professional interviewer? Join us with our guest Mike Liwiki, an FBI veteran and professional Polygraph examiner as we answer these questions. Date May 14 2012

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Hackers are people who like to understand the deeper things in life. Those who aren’t satisfied with boundaries or being told how to think or what to do. Our guest this month is a true “hacker”, Josh Klein. Join us as we discuss what is hacking this month. Date April 09 2012

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Emotions cause an involuntary muscular response that last only 1/25th of second to 1 sec on a human face. Being able to decode these reactions can help a person communicate on a very deep and personal level. But how can they be used as a social engineer? Join us and Dr. Paul Ekman, world renowned for his research into microexpressions, as we explore this fascinating topic Release Date March 12 2012

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Being able to build a successful profile is an essential tool for a social engineer. There are tools out there that specialize in gathering and detailing information on targets. What about social media? Chris Sumner helps us to use social media to build effective profiles on our targets Release Date Feb 13 2012 Download Standard Podcasts [...]

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What can you do if a loved one was kidnapped and the government couldn’t help? The Halo Corp is a group of ex-Military commando’s that specialize in rescuing and recovering of people in very dangerous circumstances. We invited Brad Barker, the CEO of The Halo Corp onto the podcast to discuss how they use Social Engineering. Release Date December 12 2011 Download Standard Podcasts [...]

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Physical Social Engineering is a very interesting topic. Although it is the easiest method into a company it is also the hardest type of pentest to sell to clients. We discuss this topic with two experienced and professional physical social engineers, Sharon Conheady and Munya Kanaventi. Release Date November 14 2011

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NLP is a subject of much debate in the security world as well in the science community. This podcast we delve deep into the top… dissecting what NLP is, how it is used in daily life, in the medical field, for therapy and of course, how it can be used by social engineers.

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Probably no other name is thought of more when people talk about social engineering than Kevin Mitnick. Kevin’s new book, “Ghost in the Wires” is now on the New York Times Best Seller list and there is a lot of comments, debates and opinions about Kevin floating around. The Social-Engineer.Org crew asks the questions that the rest of the world is afraid.

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Our live podcast from Defcon 19 Download Standard Podcasts [...]

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Our guests this month are people you all know and love… but this time we talk to Muts, Jim, Dookie… oh and Dave (and a special GUEST) about the release of their book, Metasploit: A Penetration Testers Guide in this first interview with the crew about their book. Release Date July 11 2011

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Our guest Dan Airely is a behavioral economist. He is a renowned author and speaker on the topics of Predictable Irrationality.

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Our guest Aaron Delwiche is a TED speaker and a college professor that focuses on the use of propaganda. His site is devoted to understanding how it works. Release Date May 19 2011

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Our favorite linux distribution is about to release its new version - BackTrack5. How better to announce the release than by a big ol’ podcast complete with Infected Mushroom and almost the whole dev crew - Release Date May 05 2011

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There are a lot of skills that a social engineer needs to be successful. With all the important skills out there, one of the most is building rapport.  We invited back one of our favorite guests, Robin Dreeke, to talk about how he builds rapport in 5 minutes or less. Release Date April 11 2011

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Reporters have an amazing knack of getting information from people.  That alone interests us, but then you mix in their ability to take that info and make it interesting, make it captivating and make it real - that is an art.  We talk to a, in our opinion, superb reporter that works with CNET news as well as CBS Interactive, Elinor Mills.  She helps us to uncover the secrets to this art and see what we can learn. Release Date March 07 2011

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Getting people to put their heart into their work can be achieved through many motivations.  If you have a job your employer does this through fair compensation and benefits. But how does one motivate volunteers when there is no money involved?  Not only that but keep them motivated day after day and year after year?  Join us as we  discuss this topic and a very special announcement with Johny Long, DualCore and the crew live at Shmoo 2011.

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There has been a lot of buzz about the new book, Social Engineering: The Art of Human Hacking.  Along with the “buzz” is some very positive reviews and feedback.  The team at Social-Engineer.Org decided to gather a selection from the community as well as the SEORG team and interview the author, their very own Chris Hadnagy. Release Date Jan 10 2011

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In the movies a Jedi hand wave can force a target to think or act the way they want, but in real life what is needed to “influence” targets to think and act the way you want? Anchoring and Elicitation are two powerful tools of the social engineer. Join us as professional social engineer and FBI agent Robin Dreeke helps us to analyze these two powerful aspects of social engineering. Release Date Dec 12 2010

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Deception is very hard to understand.  What if we could write an algorithm that would dissect deception allow us to delve in at a molecular level?  This month’s podcast does that.  We talk with a psychologist and research that has dedicated his life to defining and understanding deception. Release Date Nov 8 2010

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Non-Verbal Communication is the way our bodys, faces, hands and feet tell the story about what our true thoughts are.  Join us this month as we talk with one of the world’s leading experts in non-verbal communications, Joe Navarro.  A 25 year veteran of the FBI and leading researcher into Body Language and Non-Verbal Communications, Joe helps us to see how these are used to both deceive and detect deception.

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Looking for social engineering skills in interesting jobs has always been a theme of our podcast since the beginning. Our guest this month made a career out of scamming people on camera, but with no malicious intent.  Paul Wilson is a magician, consultant to some of the biggest stars in the world as well as professional con artist.  Join us as we discuss his experiences and what he has learned.  Release Date 13 September 2010

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WOW.  Our first year is just about over and here is our 1st year anniversary episode.We hope you enjoy the social-engineer crew live at DEF CON with a room of about 100 people asking questions and getting involved in the fun. Thank you for the great year and we look forward to whats in store.

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What happens when the results of not being successful can cause jail time?  Is there a way to use SE skills to keep you from the slammer?  We talk to Dale Carson’s author of “Arrest Proof Yourself” about this very topic

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A round table discussion with some of the brightest minds in social engineering. We will discuss future of social engineering and hear some really cool stories of actual exploits.

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Join us as we interview one of the world’s leading experts in unconscious persuasion.  Kevin helps us to analyze the methods that people are manipulated while on auto pilot. We dig deep and learn some of most amazing tips on persuasion you will ever hear. .]

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The information contained in this podcast is some of the most mind blowing we have ever released.  An intimate talk with someone who has detailed knowledge of how to perform identity theft. He outlines, details and shows how these attacks are performed then talks with us how we can mitigate these attacks.  You will not want to miss this one. Download Standard Podcast [...]

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Join the team as we discuss the topics of persuasion and mindlessness with Harvard psychologist and world renowned persuasion expert, Ellen Langer.

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A live edition of the podcast done at Shmoo Con. We had a very lively topic on how we use the information that is gathered on our social engineering audits. We invited TWO special guests, Tom Eston from Security Justice as well as Shawn Moyer. Both are experienced and seasoned pentesters and social engineers. We rip apart the information security field as well as policies, education and user relation in this podcast.

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Have you ever wondered where BackTrack came from?  Want to know how new editions of our favorite pentesting tool come about?  Join us as we talk with muts, balding_parrot, pure_hate as well our panel and special guest and web developer DigiP. This exclusive will be one to remember. Download Standard Podcast [...]

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Join us as we reveal some of the secrets that are widely used in marketing.  From social engineering tactics, NLP secrets and manipulation strategies are now unmasked.  We join forces with NLP and SE Expert Brad Smith to discuss these hot topics. Download Standard Podcast [...]

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We discuss the aspect of framing from a very unique perspective.  Join us as we delve into the depths of framing and see how we use it in our daily lives and what we can learn from a Harvard Math Genius.

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Pretexting is one of the key components of social engineering.  When we decided to search out a professional radio host we never thought we would meet one as dynamic and intriguing as Tom Mischke.  Join us as Tom helps us to analyze a side of pretexting we rarely consider. Download Standard Podcast [...]

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This month we are interviewing ex-Law Enforcement agent Matt Churchill.  He has experience in interrogation and interview tactics. Download Standard Podcast [...]

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