The Social-Engineer Podcast

In episode 136, Chris Hadnagy and Maxie Reynolds are joined by doctor, researcher and microbloggerOsama (Sam) Qurashi. Sam was in the medical field for 15 years until he decided to travel the world and learn about unorthodox forms of psychology from experts in widely varied fields. Find out what Sam learned from these “masters of the mind” and understand how you can apply these lessons in your daily life.   


00:32 – Introduction to Dr. Osama (Sam) Qurashi

02:20 – Upcoming events and book release 

04:09 – How Sam went from psychiatric resident to academic globetrotter in search of masters of the mind 

09:30 – What Sam learned from The Joke Doctor 

11:30 – What Sam learned from The Tea Master 

16:00 – Mistakes - The two schools of thought 

18:09 – How monkeys and coconuts can help us understand acceptance 

20:00 – Linguistic psychology and how emotions are conveyed in Japanese 

23:32 – How you can form habits by staying small 

25:57 – What The Iceman and The Horse Whisperer can teach us about resistance and force 

29:11 – Sam's plan for sharing the knowledge he has acquired 

31:59 – What Sam learned from The Pickpocket 

36:59 – Why many people fail when trying something new 

38:11 – In order to learn something new, you must be able to accept temporary incompetence 

39:17 – Avoiding failure is the same as avoiding success 

41:39 – How you can improve your self-image by changing your peers 

 44:19 – What Sam learned from the samurai 

46:08 – Sam's book recommendations 

48:43 – Sam's contact info 

50:12 – Conclusion 


51:57 – Big podcast announcement!