The Social-Engineer Podcast

This month, Chris Hadnagy is joined by Marilise de Villiers.  Marilise is a mindset and performance coach, a TEDX speaker, and a cybersecurity awareness, culture, and talent expert. While at one time she was a female executive in a Big Four consulting firm she is now the founder and CEO of her own company, ROAR! Coaching and Consulting, which helps people find their purpose, their power, and gives people the courage to speak their truth.  November 8, 2021 


00:00 – Intro 


04:35 – What made you leave an amazing corporate company and forge a path for yourself? 

08:09 – How did you escape the bad things in your life and turn into a person who helps other people find their strength? 

10:47 – How did you get out of the cycle of abuse? 

14:42 – Figuring out the role you play and taking back the power 

17:06 – Finding a hobby 

21:00 – How did you come upon this trifecta of things to better yourself? 

25:10 –What have you found is the overwhelmingly common problem that people have when you first start working with them on bettering themselves? 

27:56 – Changing your “self” view 

30:32 – What would be a suggestion to give someone to “start today”? 

34:35 – How do you suggest people find balance when most of us have spent most of our lives being imbalanced? 

37:20 – How has this life change for you affected your kids? 

38:55 – Who do you consider your greatest mentors? 

  • Family: Mom, dad, grandmother, grandfather 

41:05 – What books would you recommend to our listeners? 


43:15 – How to find Marilise 

44:40 – Outro